HEROINA - english

Formato: E-books
USD$ 8
Editorial: Barricada Comics
Idioma: Ingles
Categoría: Historietas-Cómics


Author: Fernando Sosa
Artist: Guillermo Zerda
Screenwriter: Pedro Belushi
Cover Artist: Alvaro Dopazo
Backcover: Rocio Eguia
Editorial Director & Publisher: Fernando Sosa, Javier Sama - Wi~Fi Digital Press

® Heroin is the brainchild of Fernando Sosa, all rights reserved.

2050, mankind has suffered a third world war and the days that followed, were no less difficult. Discard cities are plagued by organized crime and gangs that take over the streets.

Violence is on the agenda and impunity reigns everywhere. A large city in South America is renamed Suburbia and the subhuman inhabitants are ravaged by new viruses and powerful and highly addictive drug.

Corporations pharmacological increasingly powerful business dispute the underworld and make use of corrupt politicians and group of dealers and gang members increasingly sophisticated narcotics to impose on the population.

White is a member of one of these gangs, a ruthless assassin trained to kill, but without a past to remember thanks to brainwashing and his addiction to a powerful drug that prevents contact with your true essence.

The shady dealings and betrayals occur between the main leaders of the mob. White should be removed because he knows too much. A cyberpunk tale with many ingredients but now that we approach this hypothetical future.

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